Business valuation of SMEs in the DACH region

Author wevalue AG


The valuation of SMEs is not a “small” valuation and certainly not a simple one. It becomes even more complicated when it involves valuations or valuations from abroad that have to be decided on domestically – for example in the case of purchase and sale, legal disputes or arbitration proceedings. Differences in the valuation of SMEs also arise within the DACH region despite largely the same language. Knowing these is the first step to making better decisions and avoiding conflicts. Surprisingly, however, little can be found on comparative business valuation. Lobo/Bottomley did present an analysis in 2015 under the promising title “Around the World in Eighty Valuations”, but it only covers five countries and no information is given about the size of the companies valued in each case. This research gap is astonishing in view of the interdependence of economic areas. The following article provides an overview of the DACH region, which is relevant for our readers.

Read the complete article from the Jahrbuch Treuhand und Revision 2021 (in German) here.

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